A requirement for licensure or registration under Public Act 733 of 2003, “The State Plumbing Act” is that an individual be able to demonstrate a propensity to serve the public in a fair, honest, and open manner. Therefore, any misrepresentations made in your application may jeopardize your ability to obtain the required licenses and/or registrations. Failure to obtain registration from the State of Michigan as an Apprentice Plumber, in accordance with Act 733 of 2003, will result in the termination of an individual from the Plumbers Local 98 Apprenticeship Training Program.

Requirements after applying

The applicant must submit themselves to a "Substance Abuse Test", when required, as prescribed by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. A valid transcript from high school will be required at the time of interview showing grades, attendance and date of graduation.

The JATC may perform a criminal background check on the applicant.

Special Notice for Admission to the Plumbing Industry Apprenticeship Training Program

The Apprenticeship Program, lasting five years, is intended to produce journeyworkers who will then be able to be a part of and contribute to the Plumbing Industry following completion of the Apprenticeship Program. This expectation is important because it is fundamental to the existence of the Apprenticeship Program. The time, money and effort devoted to the Apprenticeship Program would be meaningless unless the graduates of the program, Journeyworkers, will be a part of the Plumbing Industry workforce after graduation.

Therefore, every apprentice must agree to pay $75,000.00 for his or her training and education and signs an Apprenticeship Loan Agreement, with Promissory Note, to that effect. Generally speaking, under the terms of the Apprenticeship Loan Agreement, this amount may be paid back by the apprentice by working as a journeyworker for not less than five consecutive years following his/her graduation from the training program for an employer who contributes to the Apprenticeship Program on his/her behalf. You will have an opportunity to review the terms of the Apprenticeship Loan Agreement, with Promissory Note, in detail prior to signing.

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